creative direction & cinema.

"Whenever we touch nature we get clean. People who have got dirty through too much civilisation take a walk in the woods, or a bath in the sea. Entering the unconscious, entering yourself through dreams, is touching nature from the inside and this is the same thing, things are put right again"- Carl Jung

This Concept/Motion picture was created on a wimp while walking through the coast of Fuerteventure. The rainy weather and wind that day gave a this video a dramatic look that we had to capture. This was created in 20 minutes, since a storm was on its way, luckily we created enough content in time!

Shot/ Edited/ Directed by Desertman (@coupleofkidslivin)

This Concept/Motion Video was inspired by a series of the "LOVEMagazine" done two years ago. Direction of movement and styling has been done by Desertman (@coupleofkidslivin).


Shot and edited by Thomas Walker (@tommyboy_visuals). 

The first time I heard this song and watched the music video by Jessie, I just had to try and recreate it. Glad it turned out exactly as I imagined it.

Starring Malia Mcmullen (@maliamcmullen)

Shot/ Edited by Thomas Walker (@tommyboy_visuals)    

Concept/ Direction/ Styling by Desertman (@coupleofkidslivin)

This short-film was created the first day we found out about the Covid-19 quarantine. We wanted to make the most out of our day, so we created this set and created this video to urge people to become more creative and try to use art as an outlet while they had to stay at home, as well as a creative space for us!

The butterfly is a symbol of endurance, hope and change, representative of our times. 

Shot/ Edited/ Styled/ Directed by Desertman (@coupleofkidslivin)